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Uncover what is closed acne What is the cause of long closed acne?


I believe that many girls will have such skin problems, that is, there are always small bumps on the face, not red, not painful or itchy, close-up, they are small white protrusions, squeezed with milky white strips. , then this nasty thing is "closed acne". So what is closed acne? Xiaobian will solve this problem with you today~

For skin problems, the most troublesome thing for everyone is "acne", a super sticky thing! There is a lot of work on it. But there are many kinds of acne, and the often mentioned closed mouth is also a category of acne, so how is closed acne formed? How to eliminate it?

What are closed comedones?

Generally there are two types of acne, one is open acne and closed acne. Acne on our face is an open comedon, which is easy to find, such as blackheads and whiteheads, which are open comedones and can be easily squeezed out. But with closed comedones, the pores are closed, and the oil inside is not oxidized. You may see a small white protrusion on the skin. Closed comedones are mostly found on the face. They are small subcutaneous fat plugs, which appear as hemispherical white packets the size of rice grains. They are hard and have no symptoms. It usually takes 5 months to reach their peak growth.

Formation of closed comedones

The lack of vitamins

Many girls do not usually like to eat vegetables, and there is a partial eclipse. If the skin lacks vitamin B or vitamin A, the metabolism of the skin will be unbalanced, the growth of new cells will become slow, and without the new cells mature, the old dead keratin will remain on the surface of the skin, resulting in the growth of closed mouths.

2. Improper makeup removal

Removing makeup is a very important thing. If you don't remove the residual makeup on your face before going to bed, the residual makeup will clog the pores, and the pores will not be able to breathe fresh air and grow closed.

3. Dry skin

The metabolism of the skin is slow in the case of dryness and lack of water, and the new cells of the skin are slowly generated, so that the old waste keratin cannot fall off normally, and accumulate on the skin surface. Exuberant synthesis results.

4. Excessive secretion of male hormones

Androgens will stimulate the increase of sebaceous glands and promote the keratinization of hair follicles, thereby blocking pores and causing inflammation, causing acne and acne. Androgens can also cause keratin to thicken. Although the cause has not yet been identified, the increase in male hormones will indeed disrupt the balance of male hormones and estrogen, which will accelerate keratinization and hypertrophy.

5. Ultraviolet rays

The damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin is very serious. When the skin is irradiated by ultraviolet rays, the skin thickens and forms keratin blockage. In addition, ultraviolet rays will accelerate the drying of the skin and become keratin hypertrophy.

6. Mental stress and fatigue

Mental stress is also a factor that affects the growth of closed mouth. Long-term stress is not only harmful to the body, but also to the skin. Some people often stay up late. Staying up late will make the hormone secretion in the body unbalanced, the endocrine metabolism is incomplete, and the skin moisture will be lost.

Seven, skin care products are not suitable

Everyone's skin is different, and so are the skin care products you choose. When choosing skin care products, we must choose the ones that suit our skin type, such as mineral oil and other ingredients in skin care products. It has a good moisturizing effect on dry skin, but oily skin should be careful, long-term use will block pores and cause closed mouth.

way to shut up

1. Moisturizing: Dry skin can lead to the appearance of closed acne, so we should give the skin plenty of water. Hydrating and moisturizing is a must, so that the skin is full, drink enough water, and return to a healthy state, in order to have a better immunity and resist the invasion of adverse factors.

2, regular exfoliation, deep cleaning. We can do exfoliation once every two weeks, mainly in the T-zone, avoiding the cheeks with relatively thin cutin, and if you have oily skin, you can do it once a week. It is important to note that hydration after exfoliation is very important. Then you must not sleep with makeup on, this is a great harm to the skin, no matter how many nights you have to remove makeup. If you don't wash your face with makeup for a long time, the dirt will accumulate in the pores over time, and it will be easy to close your mouth.

3. Apply vitamin A ointment: If the closed mouth is very serious, or even inflamed, you can apply vitamin A ointment to help renew the stratum corneum and inhibit inflammation.

4. Go to bed early and get up early: This is very important. Generally, our skin is metabolized from 10 to 2 in the morning. At this time, we must enter a deep sleep, and the skin will be better metabolized. It is recommended to go to bed early at night, which is very important for good skin!

5. Pay attention to diet: eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and eat less irritating food and spicy food.

6. Sunscreen should be done well. Even if you don't go out, wear sunscreen. Don't forget the lights above your head, the sunlight outside the window, the screen of your phone, these are all "threats". It is better to use pure physical sunscreen in sunscreen products, and temporarily avoid chemical sunscreen.

Acne is a very stubborn thing that can be eliminated if handled well, but its growth rate will increase if not handled properly. Although closed acne is a small problem, the number of bumps on the face will also affect the appearance. The editor also has a small suggestion: you can't squeeze it with your hands, this will not only have no effect, but will increase it! I hope that the fairies master the above methods of closing the mouth and can remove this annoying closed-mouth acne.

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