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What causes pimples on the face


Many girls will find that the spots on their faces will gradually increase as they age, which is very troublesome for women, because the spots are not very well covered, which will make the skin look more aging. In fact, many people have overlooked a point, that is, to know what causes the spots, why they cause spots, then how do the spots on the face cause? What are the reasons for the spots?

too little exercise

Everyone's body actually needs to exercise every day. If there is too little exercise, it will directly affect the quality of the body. In addition, because the body detoxifies some toxins every day, these toxins actually need to be excreted from the body through exercise. If you don't exercise much, then these toxins will accumulate in the body. The final result of the accumulation is the precipitation of pigment, and slowly you will find more and more spots on the face, and even acne.

work without sun protection

Many female friends are very easy to ignore the problem of sun protection. In their daily life, they feel that there is no sun protection without tanning. In winter, there is no sun and no sun protection. In fact, this is a very wrong view. Sunscreen is actually the work of skin care and maintenance, which can make a protective barrier for the skin, so that the skin will not be damaged. Therefore, the work of sun protection must be done, because the skin will come into contact with a lot of dirty things in the environment every day, and it needs good protection.

Excessive whitening

Many women want their skin to be very fair and smooth, and many people should have heard the saying that one whiteness covers one hundred ugliness. But the work of whitening needs to be moderate, because excessive whitening is too harmful to the skin. Excessive whitening will make the stratum corneum of the skin weaker and weaker, the skin will become more and more sensitive, and there will be problems such as dryness. If the skin is too thin, it is easy to directly produce pigmentation when it comes into contact with the external environment.


Nowadays, many young people have very irregular work and rest time. In fact, this is not only about the health of the body, but also has a great relationship with their own skin problems. For example, if you often stay up late, you will find that the skin is very dull, dark circles, fine lines and acne are very easy to appear. This is because there is no good work and rest habits. After a long time, the skin will not see any luster, and there will be a lot of pigmentation spots.

So if you want to remove spots, you need to know what is the cause of the spots. The spots on the face are not inexplicably appearing on the face. After understanding the reasons, and solving these problems in a targeted manner, then the skin will be very good. care.

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