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What skin care products do you use to repair red bloody skin?


What skin care products do you use to repair red bloody skin?

1. Skin care products with Calendula officinalis

Calendula officinalis is an anti-allergic and soothing ingredient. It is very suitable for red and red skin. It is mild in nature and will not cause skin allergies. Therefore, skin care products containing Calendula officinalis are more recommended for red and red skin.

2. Aloe vera skin care products for red blood

As long as people who are not allergic to aloe vera, skin care products using aloe vera ingredients are also very good. Aloe vera not only has a good moisturizing effect, but also has a calming and soothing effect. It can relieve the symptoms of various skin allergies, so use aloe vera Skin care products with ingredients are also available.

3. Skin care products with chamomile ingredients for red blood

Chamomile has a soothing and sedative effect, and it can also calm the microvessels of the skin, so it is very suitable for people with red blood. In addition, chamomile can also improve dry skin that can make redness aggravated. As long as you insist on using skin care products containing chamomile, the redness can be significantly improved.

4. Skin care products with licorice ingredients for red blood

Licorice also has a soothing and calming effect, and also has the effect of preventing skin allergies, so skin care products using licorice ingredients can also improve skin redness. But note that it is not only necessary to have these Chinese herbal medicine ingredients, and skin care products need to be free of those irritating ingredients.

5. It is best to use familiar skin care products for red blood

People with redness usually have tried many skin care products and finally found a skin care product that is suitable for their skin. It is recommended that after finding a skin care product that suits you, it is better to always use the skin care product you are familiar with, because if you change to a new skin care product, you are not familiar with the ingredients, and it is difficult to guarantee whether your skin will be allergic or damaged.

How to choose the right skin care products

1. facial cleanser

The facial cleanser to be used for red blood must have safe and mild ingredients, and be low in allergy, so that it will not irritate the skin and will not make the skin allergic. Moreover, people with red blood should choose an unscented facial cleanser. This facial cleanser has no added fragrance, because some fragrances are also one of the reasons for skin allergies.

2. Make-up water

Makeup water often contains alcohol, which should never be used on red skin, because irritating alcohol will cause damage to sensitive skin, and prolonged use will damage the skin. Therefore, the choice of lotion for red blood skin should pay attention to the soothing effect, and it is best to improve the skin resistance.

3. Cream

Now there are various types of face creams, with various effects and for various skin problems, so girls who are troubled by redness can choose the one with anti-redness effect when buying a cream. Similarly, pay attention to choose the ones without added fragrances and preservatives, and choose the ones that are mild and hydrating.

4. Mask

In addition to our daily skin care products, we often put on a mask. When choosing a mask for red and bloody skin, it is best not to use a particularly powerful mask, just use a moisturizing mask, and there will be no ingredients that irritate the skin. And as long as the moisturizing effect is good, the skin will become hydrated.

What should you pay attention to when you have red blood on your face?

1. The choice of skin care products

Choose mild skin care products, and the function should not be too strong, only those with moisturizing effect are enough, do not use products containing fruit acid, salicylic acid, and vitamin A acid. In dry winter, olive oil can also be used instead of moisturizing products to relieve dry skin. If the skin appears peeling and redness, you should stop using all skin care products.

2. Water temperature

Sensitive skin can't stimulate it. Use warm water to wash your face. Hot water will make the skin more dry and red. Warm water of about 30 degrees is the most suitable, which is both comfortable and cleans the dirt on the face.

3. Hydrate

The lack of water on the skin will make the sensitive symptoms worse, so the supplement of water will make the skin more healthy. It is the most natural to use the homemade fruit mask for moisturizing, which is not irritating to the skin and has a good effect, such as: apple honey mask, milk mask , Seaweed mask. These masks are very hydrating.

4. Cleaning

MM with sensitive skin has very thin skin, so do not use facial cleansers that are too cleansing, but use mild facial cleansers for sensitive skin. You can also wash your face with lukewarm water without using a cleanser. There is no exfoliation, the skin is already very thin.

5. Increase skin resistance

Exercise a lot to enhance your own resistance, use skin care products with strong immunity, increase skin moisture content and strengthen skin barrier function, and reduce the stimulation of external substances on the skin. It can keep your skin in the best condition at any time and effectively block external stimuli.

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