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Miss Zhang is 26 years old / Corporate PR
Butterfly Project: Permanent Skin Hair Removal
Build an instrument: joyjuly laser epilator
Her story:
She is a corporate publicist, because of the needs of her career and her love of beauty, she is I am not very satisfied with my skin, but I found the beauty of extraordinary after comparing with many others. to change yourself...

Her story:
People often say that God is fair to everyone, that whatever he gives to others, he will surely give you whatever. But sometimes God is unfair because she has forgotten me. As a girl, I don't envy other people's beautiful face, fair skin, and graceful figure. The only thing I envy is those slender thighs without leg hair. Leg hair is the thing that bothers me the most. It may be the influence of family genetics. Since I was a child, I have more hair on my body than others. After puberty and more serious, I dare not wear clothes that are too short in summer. Was wearing trousers. Whenever I see other girls wearing all kinds of fashionable shorts and shorts on the street, I unconsciously feel very inferior.
I have a pair of slender and beautiful legs but I dare not show them. The short skirts and shorts are basically different from me. In the summer, I have to wear thick trousers. I am going to go crazy after living like this. To get rid of this condition, I started to try various hair removal methods. I have tried plucking, shaving, depilatory cream, waxing and other methods that can remove hair, but the more and more the hair is tossed, the darker and thicker it is! Going to the hospital for laser consultation, the cost is terrifying, it costs more than 10,000 yuan, I am just an ordinary worker, and this consumption is indeed a bit expensive for me. So I started looking for a variety of home laser hair removal equipment on the Internet, and I was going to buy a home one and do it myself. I came across a product called joyjuly laser epilator on Taobao, which was imported from South Korea. After a detailed understanding, the product efficacy, user experience and evaluation are all good, and the price is also acceptable to me, a little more than 3,000. I learned about the principle of laser hair removal from their customer service.
Laser hair removal is simply to destroy the growth environment of the hair, so that the hair will no longer grow, but this damage can not be achieved once or twice, but many times, which lasted several months. In the process, the more times you do it. The more the hair grows, the slower and finer the hair grows, the easier it is to fall off. Keep doing it until it stops growing. That's about it.
The machine arrived quickly and I can't wait to start using it. Referring to the instructions, after using it for the first time, the hairs felt a bit burnt, I shaved them all, and after shaving, I could hardly see the hairs. After following the steps in the instructions for three times, the hair on the calf is undeniably slowed down a bit. In the past, if the laser was not used, the length of the growth in a week would be more than that.
From the beginning to now, I have done it almost once a week. I plan to extend the time after doing it once this weekend, because some hairs are really long and slow. I am afraid that it will be useless and waste the number of shots. If someone buys this machine, they can shave the day before and do it the next day. Anyway, it is best to let it leave some hair piles. I didn't do this the first time. It's a pity that if there is hair stubble, the light will come out. , you can feel the energy, the hairs on the surface are like eggplants beaten by frost, after a few days the hairs will fall off when you gently touch them with your hands
I have been using it for more than 2 months. At this time, my legs are not as terrible as they were at the beginning. Mao Mao started to leave me, and continue to work hard! I believe this product can help me completely remove the hair on my legs. I can wear short skirts next summer, and my beautiful legs can be exposed.

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