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Ms. Wang, 36 years old/full-time mother
Butterfly Change Project: Wrinkle Removal and Whitening
Create an instrument: joyjuly radio frequency beauty instrument
Her story:
She is a stay-at-home mom whose sagging skin and love of beauty make her I am not very satisfied with my skin, but I found the beauty of extraordinary after comparing with many others. to change yourself...

Her story:
As the saying goes: Time is a butchering knife, but it is different when placed on a woman. What is a woman without beauty? It feels like everything is lost. I am afraid that my husband will no longer love him like before, and I am afraid of everyone's disgust. Before I met the "JOYJULY RF Beauty Device", I was worried and afraid as I just said. It is all about keeping the same youthful appearance. woman's wish.
Having said so much, I forgot to introduce myself, first guess how old I am this year? Did you mean to say 26. Haha, not stinky anymore, I'm 36 this year, and I'm a housewife. In fact, I don't want to say my age. Everyone was surprised, so they started to ask, "How to maintain it, share and share. Hurry up and talk." They all said this, so I had to share.
After the baby is born, the skin begins to loosen, dry, and the most terrifying is so many wrinkles. But it scared me to death, so I went to the beauty salon to do "photo rejuvenation, radio frequency and the like". The effect is okay. But it's too troublesome to have to make an appointment every time I want beauty treatment, and I don't have time to shop for clothes. Also, the consumption of beauty salons makes my husband mad. It’s not that my husband is stingy. The price of beauty salons is too expensive to consume. Not to mention skin care products, that's not very effective, I also bought a set, but the effect is average.
Until I saw the "JOYJULY" brand on the Internet, I asked the customer service girl out of curiosity. The customer service girl has a very good service attitude and patiently told me to recommend "JOYJULY RF Beauty Instrument". This radio frequency is the barrier that the radio frequency wave penetrates the melanocytes of the epidermis basal layer, and the heat energy stimulates the reorganization and contraction of the collagen fibers in the dermis layer, so that the sagging skin wrinkles are tightened, and there will be no wrinkles. The radio frequency probe touches the five points of the face and the use of 360-degree rotating massage is accurate to every inch of the skin, the skin is tightened, and the effect of aging and new metabolism is achieved. Gives muscle relaxation and allows ions to penetrate deep into the skin. My favorite is the 360-degree reverse rotation, which can be changed every 10-20 minutes. The happiest thing is that I bought a "bipolar" one. Everyone knows that radio frequency requires the support of electricity to generate radio waves, and bipolar has "+-pole" to protect the skin and will not cause radiation leakage. My friend bought the monopole and felt that there was a kind of leakage, and the effect was not good. In this way, I insist on using it every day, and my skin is getting better and better. When I go shopping with my friends, there are always eyes on me. Once the new manager of the company asked me if I would make an appointment tonight. A person with a husband. People around me often say to me: "This year is 36, next year is 26." Later, a friend came to my house and used my "JOYJULY radio frequency beauty instrument", thinking it was very good, and secretly bought it.
Well, I will share here, the secret of beauty.

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