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Chen Man, 40/shopping mall manager
Butterfly Change Project: Lifting and Tightening
Build an instrument: joyjuly radio wave lifter
Her story:
She is a store manager, because the pursuit of perfection and the love of beauty make her I am not very satisfied with my skin, but I found the beauty of extraordinary after comparing with many others. to change yourself...

Her story:
A woman must be the most beautiful scenery, and loving beauty is like loving yourself. This has always been my motto. And I am the manager Chen Man who has been working hard in the shopping mall. My skin is nearly 40 and I can compete with young sisters in their 20s. This is what I am most proud of. This is mainly due to their usual focus on skin care.
I, who pursue perfection, have a unique set of methods for maintenance. Skin care products are always available, and you have to choose beauty equipment. The skin of 40-year-olds has entered a period of decline. Aging is a normal thing. If you want to keep your skin young, you must learn to use beauty equipment. When I was doing nursing in a beauty salon, the staff helped me to do a face lift by the way. This kind of household equipment can be operated by myself. There is a small electric current to stimulate the skin. After the treatment, I use When I looked in the mirror, my skin was noticeably firmer. This is amazing. The girl in the beauty salon told me that the whole is a household radio wave lifter, which lifts and tightens, and the effect is very good. I checked that the brand was "joyjuly", and when I got home, I decided to buy one from Taobao.
When I didn’t know how to use it, I asked the customer service, and the customer service taught me very carefully. I started the operation myself. Press C (negative ion) first. This is a cleaning function. Because I have makeup, I have to clean it for 4 minutes before applying a mask. , press N (positive ion) to promote absorption for 4 minutes, no longer need to absorb. The most important thing is to press L to get an ECG facelift, which can regenerate and shrink the original protein of the skin. Adhere to 1-2 times a week for 4 minutes each time, and the wrinkles and fine lines will gradually disappear. Occasionally let the skin relax, just press M to enter the massage function, after 4 minutes, the skin feels very comfortable, that is, the skin is metabolized. Let the skin be well protected every day, it is very considerate to buy this, at least it is better to buy this if you go to the beauty salon.
I have been insisting on using it, and my loose skin has gradually become firm and elastic. I feel that my whole body is instantly younger by several years, which makes me more confident in my work. Women are like this. Not only a beautiful appearance, but also a beautiful heart, the courage to dare to declare war on an imperfect life, and choose your own appearance. I choose the "JOYJULY radio wave lifter" that can keep myself beautiful.

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