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  • Meifei after-sales service policy 2016-08-29

    In order to protect the interests of customers and franchisees, maintain the company's reputation, improve the market competitiveness of products, promote The upgrade of product quality is also for our franchisees to better sell products. The company has formulated a series of after-sales policies to help our agents and users better understand and use our products. We sell not just products, but also our services.

    First, for all goods sent from the headquarters, the company will provide the customer with the express tracking number and will track it in real time , until it is confirmed that the user signs for it.

    Second, if the product received by the customer is damaged or the accessories are incomplete, please contact our customer immediately Staff, we will help you deal with it as soon as possible.

    Third, the answer to the use of the product, the technology or the customer in the process of using our product For some skin problems, you can contact our after-sales customer service in time, and we will answer you patiently.

    Fourth, within the warranty period set by us, if the product has any non-artificial quality problems, customer service All can be sent back to the company, and the company will repair it for the user free of charge.

    Fifth, the headquarters will visit users from time to time to understand the user's use effect, etc., and master the product , and give some suggestions for the effect of users.

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