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Joining conditions

    No membership fee! No deposit required! Take a sample of 300 yuan to become a distributor. Read carefully and accept the following agency conditions, please contact us! !

  • 1. The company provides the corresponding procedures and qualifications, and the imported products provide the formal product import declaration form.
  • 2. The company can negotiate by face-to-face or telephone on the conditions for investment promotion and cooperation with entities and support and promotion.
  • 3. Provide product picture package and provide national unified customer service telephone number 400-606-6654.
  • 4. According to the increase in sales performance, the level will be increased accordingly, and the system will automatically adjust the discount.
  • 5. Give priority to new products and corresponding sales prices to distributors with new product promotion strength.
  • 5. Carry out "brand authorization" of offline brands for high-quality distributors.
  • 5. Distributors who disrupt the market price system of the next series of products of Meifan period will be directly out of stock and will be complained and punished accordingly.
  • 5. If you have taken the sample and submitted the agent to join the audit, please contact us to join the agent group
Cooperation process
Apply to join +0755-26666429
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