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    Meiweifei physical store joining process and conditions

  • Shenzhen Meifeifan Trading Co., Ltd. sincerely invites like-minded friends from all walks of life to join the beauty equipment industry and join the Meifeifan brand. The specific conditions for joining are as follows:
  • 1. The franchisees must be citizens with legal qualifications of the People's Republic of China.
  • 2. The franchisees must have a good spirit of cooperation, be diligent and pragmatic, honest and trustworthy.
  • 3. The franchisee must have the economic strength to invest and operate.
  • 4. Franchisees must have certain business experience and corresponding management capabilities.
  • 5. The use area of the franchise store is not less than 10 square meters.
  • Physical store joining process
  • First, the early stage of joining.
  • Franchisees must investigate the local consumer market conditions and development trends, determine the store opening intention, location, area and investment scale, etc., and then obtain relevant materials and franchise application forms from the headquarters, or apply online. The company accepts the franchise application and conducts a survey on the strength and background of the franchisee.
  • 2. Confirm the store address.
  • The franchisee confirms the final site selection plan under the guidance of the headquarters, and determines the investment scale according to the situation of the store. The company will determine the feasibility of the project according to the information provided by the franchisee, and calculate the profit and loss statement of the store based on various data provided by the franchisee.
  • 3. Signing and joining
  • The company provides the text of the franchising contract, specifies the cooperation method, rights and obligations of both parties, provides the progress of the franchise worksheet, and provides the franchise operation manual. Franchisees review the franchise contract, clarify the rights, obligations and cooperation methods of both parties, and pay various fees.
  • Fourth, store decoration and layout.
  • The company will provide store layout design drawings, floor plans, renderings, provide storefront image design specifications, and provide promotional posters, shelf renderings, and assembly drawings according to the results of the negotiation between the two parties. Franchisees provide storefront structure plan and dimensions, and decorate them according to the unified specifications and design of the headquarters. Procurement and arrangement of corresponding tools under the guidance of the headquarters.
  • 5. Pre-opening training.
  • The company provides franchisees with store operation training, management software training, market analysis and channel development guidelines. The franchisee determines the training method and sends relevant personnel to participate in the training.
  • Sixth, the official opening.
  • The company provides opening publicity plans, and sends relevant personnel to provide opening guidance as needed, conducts counseling operations, tracks opening situations, and provides consulting opinions. Franchisees implement relevant policies and give timely feedback on the operation in the initial stage of business.
  • 7. Follow-up operations.
  • The headquarters provides maintenance and operation of daily goods, replenishment, replacement, return and so on. Promote the franchise stores through various platforms of the company, and regularly provide the replacement of promotional posters for franchisees. Franchisees should standardize operations, management and services, and communicate with headquarters in a timely manner.
Cooperation process
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