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Joining conditions

    No membership fee! No deposit required! Take a sample of 300 yuan to become a distributor. Read carefully and accept the following agency conditions, please contact us! !

  • 1. Zero threshold for joining.
    Whether you are full-time or part-time, whether you are a mother or a pregnant woman, whether you are an office worker or a factory employee, whether you are a veteran or a newcomer, as long as you want to make money, as long as you dare to work hard, you can join us.
  • 2. Zero risk.
    We do not need any handling fee, joining fee, deposit to join us. As long as you get 5 units at one time, you can become our special agent. Under the premise of not affecting the secondary sales of the product (the packaging is not unpacked), the products not sold by the agent can be returned in the original (postage paid), which really solves the worries of the agent.
  • 3. How to join.
    Contact the staff of Meifeiwei Wechat Business Headquarters, our staff will give you some basic understanding, and explain some of our policies to you in detail, and then you can become an agent by taking samples.
Support Policy
  • 1. Free one-to-one guidance and training for newcomers to help you achieve sales in the shortest possible time.
  • 2. Free internal training and official training can effectively solve problems such as powder absorption, conversion, and sales.
  • 3. Provide copywriting, pictures, feedback materials and other materials every day, don't worry about no materials to send to the circle of friends.
  • 4. For agents who have reached a certain level, the corresponding authorization level is entered into the official system, and can be inquired online on the official website.
  • 1. Rebate by point.
    For those micro-business teams whose sales reach the company's specified target, the company will rebate in different stages and points, so that agents can enjoy the greatest discount.
  • 2. Rewards for party funds.
    For the team whose monthly sales target reaches the company's specified target, the company will reward the team with additional party funds.
  • 3. Rewards for promotional items.
    For good teams and individuals, the company will reward some promotional aids, including team banners, T-shirts, keychains, and more.
Cooperation process
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