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joyjuly mini epilator



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Joyjuly Electric Mini Epilator

Joyjuly Mini Shaver is a female-only shaver imported from Korea, specially designed for Asian women, Shaving is safe and efficient, one machine is in hand, and you can say goodbye to Mao Mao.

Product introduction:

joyjuly epilator has a floating blade mesh that fits the skin perfectly, and the blade is replaceable , It is made of medical grade stainless steel, which can be reused tens of thousands of times. The machine adopts super waterproof design, full body wash, wet and dry use, IPX7 waterproof, easy to clean. A AA battery can be installed for 1-3 months. The blade of the epilator is detachable, and the hair inside can be directly poured out and cleaned up, which is convenient to carry.

How to use:

1. Wet use: suitable for underarms and bikini areas. It is the best time to remove hair immediately after bathing. Because the hair follicle tissue has been softened after bathing, it will not cause skin strain, and it will be more hygienic, clean and smooth. Since the underarm area is not a flat whole, when shaving the underarm, you must straighten the arm upward and fully unfold it, try to straighten the underarm area into a plane, and then shave back and forth, up and down, moving in the process of shaving. Don't shave too fast, shave gently and slowly, and don't press the cutter head hard on the skin. Excessive force may easily lead to redness and swelling of the skin. After shaving, rinse it off with clean water. No need to apply any cosmetics, because the armpits are long-term. In a dry state, if you touch the cosmetic product suddenly, the skin will not be able to adapt, it will irritate the skin, and the skin will be prone to redness, swelling and pain. , do not apply anything, the redness will disappear quickly.

Second, dry use: suitable for flat parts such as arms and legs, where the hair is relatively small, you can Shave directly with an epilator, ready to use, shave back and forth or in circular shaving, and rinse off after shaving.


1. Trim the hair as short as possible

2. Use immediately after bathing, do not rub anything before and after use

3. If the armpit is shaved, the arm should be fully lifted and extended, and the armpit should be Skin appears smooth

4. When shaving, don't press hard on the skin, it sticks to the skin naturally, and the speed should be slow , shave in slow, back-and-forth circular motions

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